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「travesia」というのはスペイン語で「横断する」という意味です。 英語では「crossing」になります。 異なる文化やアイデアを横断して、人と人、人とモノをつなげることで、私たちは出会いのきっかけを提供します。何かに出会うことによって、人はこの世界のひとかけらを身体に刻んでいきます。私たちは、ひとりひとりの新しい出会いの積み重ねが、世界を多様で、美しく、優しいものにしていくと信じています。
Travesia , In Spanish meaning, Voyage through Different Cultures. We are a trading firm based in Japan, bring diversity to society, by serving as a bridge between cultures and innovative ideas.




Bring diversity to society, by serving as a bridge between cultures and innovative ideas.
Create a place for independent minds, by giving cause for their aesthetical sensitivity.


「TRAVESIA」スペイン語で横断旅行を意味するこの言葉に、私たちは国境を越えて異なるビジネス文化を結びつけたいという願いを込めました。異文化間のコミュニケーションで大切なことは、自分たちのメッセージを、 出来るだけシンプルに、そして正確に伝えることだと思います。TRAVESIAの周囲には、異なる文化で暮らし、多様な経験を積んだプロフェッショナルが数多く集まっています。そうしたひとりひとりが異文化間を繋ぐインターフェイス(橋)となることで、日本と世界がよりスムーズに結びつき、国境の周辺に新たな場所を生み出してゆく。それが私たちの掲げる未来へのビジョンです。

TRAVESIA de Diferentes Culturas

In Spanish meaning, Voyage through Different Cultures, TRAVESIA is a consulting firm based in Japan, specializing in overseas expansion. Our objective is to unite different business cultures through well-bal-anced innovations of individual creators and professionals from diverse backgrounds and expertises. We strive to be your interface, bringing you new elements of business opportunities across borders.



Expansion into Japanese Market ‒ 3 Steps To Successful Departure

Create a new identity, visualize by aesthetically and culturally sound design, and conduct verbal communication with your destinations ‒ we offer a unique set of expansion services to set you out for the new market.TRAVESIA views planning, development and promotion as a phased sequence of important actions. We listen to and share your objectives, core values and the direction/perception to your destination in each phase. And, we handle this flow with considera-tion to both sides of the cultural contexts. Our approach is to visual-ize the story behind your products and services through aesthetically sound and effective brand design. Let our international team tell it in various cultures and languages.



To Japan ‒ Legal Support / Branding&Design

TRAVESIA also gives support to foreign companies in their expansion to the Japanese market. In this domain, we work along with the Kano Legal Office, a legal service firm specialised in the corporate law. Apart from consulting on visual presentation of your products and services, our legal team offers a wide range of advice from incorpo-ration to M&A. We also work for the acquisition of properties in the region.


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